Verifiers & Updaters platform provides a valuable resource for individuals seeking recommendations, enabling them to make informed decisions about various services.

Content General Principles

Verifiers and Updaters is a platform where individuals can find small to medium businesses of exceptional quality. In this platform, you will find diverse businesses. However, we respect diverse business ideas and tend to provide equal opportunities to every business. Here are some of the principles and guidelines that would infer positive attitude:

  • There are no restrictions in expressing an individual's opinions and ideas. However, any content that contains threat, lewd expressions, foul language or any objectionable content is prohibited.
  • It is requested that no explicit videos or photos should be uploaded. It is advised that no photos or posts should be uploaded without consent or permission.
  • Do not use any copied items, photos or content from any sources. Please use authentics content, ratings and reviews and maintain transparency.

Additional Principles

Guidelines for Reviews:

  • Don’t use repetitive content and try to use authentic reviews and ratings as far as possible.
  • Try to avoid broad and complicated sentences to remove confusion. Try not to exaggerate your content and keep it to the point.
  • Consumers should get insightful details and not some exaggerated reviews.
  • The purpose of reviews should be to inform and assist the community, not to solicit payment from businesses.

Good Examples

Bad Examples

Guidelines for Images, Photographs, and Videos

  • Keep a friendly demeanor and avoid using visuals to criticize others.
  • Ensure that photos and videos are related to the business and showcase typical customer interactions.
  • Refrain from showing images of violence, drug usage, nudity, or suggestive behavior, even if they accurately reflect the business's offerings.